The following are for informational purposes only, Official copies of these items will be mailed to accepted applicants by the fair committee.

Commercial Rental Contract

Contract Regulations


General Information

Insurance Information



1.     The use of the name Portland Agricultural Fair or Portland Fair, and/ or the Portland Agricultural Fair slogan or logo for any purpose or in any way, is strictly prohibited  without written agreement authorized by either the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors of the Portland Agricultural Fair Association, Inc. and signed by the President of the Association Secretary or President not less than 60 days before the proposed use is going to begin

2.    No individual, company, or organization shall advertise, sell, distribute in any way promote on the Fairgrounds, any product, service, philosophy, or organization, except from within a space leased by either the Superintendent of Commercial Rentals, Crafts Show Rentals, Antique Show Rentals or the Midway.

3.    Acceptance of any donation by the Portland Agricultural Fair Association, Inc. does not entitle the donor to exemptions from the rules and regulations. The Portland Agricultural Fair Executive Board shall be authorized to determine the appropriate public acknowledgement of any donation.

4.    The Portland Agricultural Fair Association, Inc. will try to ensure the safety of all exhibits and concessions after arrival on the fairgrounds but will not be responsible for loss or damage.

5.    Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or consumed on the Fairgrounds except sales by the Portland Agricultural Fair Association, Inc.

6.    No pets allowed.

7.    No weapons of any kind are allowed on the Fairgrounds




1.     Any and all business pertaining to concessions must be transacted with the appropriate Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of Commercial Rentals.

2.    All items, actions, or activities (including, but not limited to, hunting knives, guns, brass knuckles, etc.) that are deemed by the Superintendent of Commercial Rentals to be either a threat to safety of Fair patrons or offensive to the image of the Fair, cannot be displayed or sold on the Fairgrounds and will be removed from the fairgrounds.  This means no guns of any kind – toy or otherwise!

3.    Ear piercing, tattooing and other similar activities are not allowed.

4.    THE LESSEE must conduct all business in the space designated for them and cannot sublet any of the space and will not conduct any activity or sell any items not listed in this contract.

5.    No microphones or loud speakers are to be used without the permission of the Superintendent.

6.    During the Fair, cars, trucks, and/or trailers must be removed from the Fairgrounds by 8:00 a.m. No one will be allowed to drive on the fairgrounds after 8:00 a.m. Cars will be allowed on the grounds 1 hour after closing.

7.    No cars, trucks, and/or trailers will be allowed to drive on the fairgrounds until 1 hour after the fair closes on Sunday night. At the discretion of the Public Safety Department and/or Portland Police.

8.    Vendors may begin setting up in space assigned by Portland Agricultural Fair Association superintendent of concessions any time after 10:00 AM, Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

9.    All concession, arts & crafts, commercial, and industrial booths/displays, must be completely set up by Friday, OCTOBER 6, 2017 at 3:00 P.M.

10.  All food vendors must be inspected by the Town of Portland Health Inspector.  He will let you know when to be onsite for your inspection.   Lessees must be present with their booths completely set-up ready for inspection at this time.

11.  All vendors must fix all violations found by the inspectors before they open on Friday, October 7, 2016.

12.  The appropriate Superintendent or her /his representative will direct the placement of all concessions in the leased space.

13.  The leased space location will be determined by the appropriate Superintendent.

14.  THE ASSOCIATION reserves the right to remove from the grounds the product and display facilities of any lessee who violates the terms of this agreement or any of the rules and regulations stated herein. THE LESSEE acknowledges that this provision is essential to maintain the intent and character of the Portland Agricultural Fair. THE LESSEE therefore waives any claim for damage against THE ASSOCIATION and its officers, agents, and representative for the good faith enforcement of this provision.

15.  THE LESSEE shall always be personally present at the space during Fair operation hours

16.  Food Prices must be posted and readable from a minimum distance of ten feet in front of the concession.

17.  All booths must remain open for all hours of the fair.


Any cancellation of a contract must be done, in writing, to the Treasurer. Refunds will be issued as per the postmark dates listed below:

On or before 45 days prior to 10/6/2017 no refund

---45-60 days prior to 10/6/2017 25% refund

---61-90 days prior to 10/6/2017 50% refund

--- 91 days or more prior to 10/6/2017 full refund