Mike Colla 
  Dave Thompson


Tech & Registration 2:30-4:00 pm



Tech & Registration 1:30-3:00 pm 

Pull Starts at 4:00 pm

Truck Pull Committee Members: 
Danielle Piatti, Candi Meadors, & Carol Gilbert

General Information

• Puller enters gate and children under 10 FREE; All else $10

• Cash payouts for 1st through 3rd Place (amount to be determined)

Classes (may change as needed)

Gas:                                       Diesel:       
- 5,000 lb

- 6,000 lb                          - 7,000 lb

- 6,500 lb Work Stock   - 8,000 lb Enhanced

- 7,000 lb                           - 8,500 lb Work Stock

- 7,000 lb Enhanced


Rules: All Classes

1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are immediate cause for disqualification of vehicle 

and driver. Alcohol-Free wristbands must be worn by drivers, crew members and track personnel.

2. Club, sled operator and helpers are not responsible for breakage or harm to the pulling vehicle or persons involved.

3. Registration:

a. Must show current vehicle registration and insurance at registration

b. No registration after your class begins

c. Registration fee will be $20 per each puller in each class

d. Vehicle may have only one driver per class

4. Age: All drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid drivers license

Vehicle Qualifications & Rules

5. All decisions made by the discretion of technical inspection are final. Arguing with official will be 

cause for immediate disqualification and driver and crew will be escorted off of the premises by law 

enforcement. Driver will not be reimbursed any fees.

6. Vehicle must be legally registered and insured, proof required

7. Seatbelt and helmets required when hooking to sled

8. U-joints will be duct-taped, driveshaft loops suggested

9. Open to street legal vehicles only, no modifying/lightening of body, full door panels required, full bed floor required

10. DOT approved tires only: no cut tires, no size limitation

11. No nitrous or power adders

12. Ballast must be secure as possible and may not be any further forward than front of frame rails. Any loss of ballast on 

track will result in immediate disqualification. No ballast under hood

13. Vehicle may be trailered to event

14. Lockers, spools, and posi’s will be allowed. Drive train components to be limited to one ton and must be same

manufacturer as vehicle.

15. There will be a 50 foot shut down to be able to re-pull. If you pull more than 50 feet you’re all done. Test pullers will 

have the option to accept his first pull or move back to last spot. No refunds after hook-up to sled

16. Pulling order will be done on a random order as you sign up

17. Street legal exhaust required. No open headers

18. Vehicle suspension may be blocked solid in a safe manner & must be removable

19. Added weight in front of bumper allowed in Street Improved & Open Class only. Winch bumpers accepted by 

decision of tech inspection.

20. No trick hitches, Reese style hitch only. Some bracing accepted at discretion of tech inspector.

21. Female point of reese hitch to be no further forward than rear of truck bed in stock location. 26 inch 

hitch height required. Drop clevis hitches will be measured in horizontal position or at hitch pin point

22. Attachment point must have minimum 3.5 inch opening to accept sled hook

23. Driver’s head and arms must remain inside vehicle

24. Top three winners of each class will be weighed again at end of class. Proceed immediately to scales if available.

Additional Gas Rules

25. Max cubic inch is 502 CID

26. Engine limited to single carburetor or throttle body no more than 850 CFM

Additional Diesel Rules

27. OEM chassis is mandatory. Engine must be in OEM location for body used. Vehicle must retain full OEM chassis: wheel 

tubs, back-half conversations, tube chassis, etc. are prohibited

28. An OEM transmission and transfer case are mandatory. Must have been an option on a one ton or smaller pickup

29. Engine block must have been available as a factory option on a one ton or smaller pickup truck. Engine and 

transmissions can not be interchanged between brands. (Dodge, Ford, and GM). Engine blocks must circulate 

coolant freely

30. Fire extinguisher system is highly recommended

31. Fuel must be pump #1/#2 diesel. Soy/Biodiesel fuel is permitted

32. Fuel injection pump is limited to a stock-appearing, duel high-pressure common-rail fuel pumps or HPOP’s are 

permitted. AG governors are permitted on P/Pump applications

33. No Nitrous Oxide. No Propane

34. Vehicle is limited to a single turbocharger unless OEM equipped with two

6500 lb Street Legal Gas Work Stock 4x4 Rules

35. Driveline: OEM transmission and transfer case are mandatory.  Must have been option on one-ton or smaller pickup

- No 5/4 on axles - must be from one-ton or smaller pickup

- Front-locking differentials, posi's, spools, or solid welding or spider gears is prohibited

- Vehicle must be able to turn on dry pavement in 4-wheel drive

- Vehicles equipped with front locker may only pull with locker disengaged or preferably disconnected

36. Hitch: Must be receiver-style; reinforcements are permitted. Reinforcements must not extend forward of the centerline of rear axle

- Hooking point must be in the rear most point of vehicle.  Must be rearward of the tailgate stock location

- When backing into wall, the hitch point must touch before bumper, bed or other parts of body

- Must be horizontal to ground and stationary in all directions

- Bumper may be notched but must be retained

- Hitch height must not exceed 26" from ground.  Hooking point must have minimum 3" x 3.5" diameter for sled to hook

37. Tires: must be DOT approved. Cut tires, studded tires, tire chains, dual real wheels are prohibited

- Maximum tire with of 12.5" as determined by size imprinted on sidewall